Saturday, November 24, 2007


I don't think I ever said that the exhibit photos are finally all up. Here's a sample:


As near as I can tell, it looks like this is all Fossil Ferns, except for the black solid. "Whirlpool" (above) made by Virginia A. Walton and quilted by Sue Patton; from the Faculty Showcase at IQF 2007.


By the way, all this fabric I keep talking about? I totalled it up and it was just about 50 yards even. So here's more of it.

This is the little bit I bought at quilt festival:
Quilt festival purchases
(Bear in mind that I clearly made up for this restraint in other places.)
The beautiful silk yarn came from Treenway Silks, btw.

I do really love these Kaufman paisleys, but was it really necessary for me to buy them in three colors?
Kaufman paisleys

I put up a picture of some of these months ago, but the pinks have grown in the interim:
Pink, lots of pink

Clearly I will have enough pink left over, even after I make a whole pink quilt, to put in a pink and green one based around these two fabrics:
Retro Christmas
I really like this idea - I have no idea what I'm doing with it pattern-wise but I really love the colors.


Jenn said...

Found your site through NaBloPoMo - you have some beautiful inspiring stuff here...such great colours! I'm always so afraid of colour...gotta get over that!

Mel said...

Thanks! In a way I think color is the #1 source of my attraction to quilting - it's like playing with crayons, you know?