Friday, November 09, 2007

Loose Curves

Loose Curves

This is kind of the most fabulous quilt ever. The black "background" is not part of the quilt at all, it's the curtain behind it. In fact, you could call this nine mini-quilts attached to a grid, rather than one big quilt. Although it's all attached to each other, of course.

Quilt (or quilts) above made by Dianne Hire of Maine; winner of second prize in the category Art-Abstract, Large in the judged show at the 2007 Houston International Quilt Festival.

Ooh, just made it in before the NaBloPoMo deadline!


michael5000 said...

Of course, it would lose points in the "warming" category.

Mel said...

Ha! Well, somehow I don't think that's this one's intended purpose, really.