Thursday, November 15, 2007

Bubble Bath Day

Contemplate this quilt for a little while:
Bubble Bath Day

It took me a while to puzzle out how it was made. It's very clever. The basic block seems to actually just be 4 small Dresden Plate-type blocks put together. (Or maybe four Dresden Plate - uh, what do you call them, strips? appliqued onto one backing. Aren't they usually appliqued down rather than pieced, anyway?) Then the blocks are offset just a little, so there's a little set in square once in a while to make that fit. But it comes out looking entirely different. I love it. (Plus these are so my colors.)

Quilt above made by Wendy Hill of Oregon; entered in the category Innovative Pieced, Small at IQF 2007.


michael5000 said...

Zowie! So not my colors -- but so innovative, and so well made!

Yay Oregon quilters!

carolyn said...

I think you could even do it as four grandmother's fans, then put together with most of the 'empty' side of the block gotten rid of. very very cool!