Saturday, November 17, 2007

Colorplay II

I am putting this one up without a name because I really like it, and I "need" to post before midnight! (I think the list is out in the car, I'll run out there before I go to bed.) I have posted daily for over half the month, and I don't want to ruin my string now.

I guess I like the mosaic look because I seem to gravitate towards quilts that use it. And it has beautiful colors.

Quilt above by Anne Lullie of Illinois; from the exhibit "Celebrate Spring!" (It didn't occur to me that this was the same person as the other mosaic quilt until I saw the name.)


michael5000 said...

That is a smashing mosaic quilt. I wouldn't have guessed "Celebrate Spring" as a name for it, though...

It reminds me a little bit of those color-blindness tests -- "can you see the numbers in these dots?" Maybe someone should do a color-blindness test quilt!

Mel said...

No, "Colorplay II" is the name of the quilt. Sorry if I was unclear. "Celebrate Spring!" (with exclamation point, as I recall) is the name of the exhibit it's in. They've had that exhibit the last couple of years, at least - I think it's a bit corny as a theme but it always gets some nice entries.

The other mosaic quilt I had a picture of that was by the same woman was "Colorplay V" or something so clearly they're both part of a series.

And I like the idea about the color-blindness test!