Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The last breath of autumn

After Thanksgiving, we're not going to be in the mood for autumn-y quilts so much (even if it's still technically autumn for another month), so here's a sampling.

Autumn Orchard

"Autumn Orchard" (above) made by Kathie Briggs; from the exhibit "Small Wonders VIII" at IQF 2006.

Fall Into Spring

"Fall Into Spring" (above) made by Cheryl See of Virginia; winner of first prize in the category Innovative Applique, Small in the judged show at IQF 2007.

New England Stream

"New England Stream" (above) made by Linda Creagh. From the 2004 Dallas Quilt Celebration.

Country Roads
"Country Roads" (above) made by Nancy Prince; from the Faculty Showcase at IQF 2006.

And possibly my very favorite:

"Autumn" (above) made by Noriko Endo of Chiba, Japan; entered in the judged show (category: Art-Naturescapes) at IQF 2007.