Monday, August 13, 2007

Fabric-buying frenzy

I got the new Hancock's of Paducah catalog, and as usual, it was chock-full of gorgeous fabric, and I really fell in love with this one:

Moda Shangri-La fabric

I don't really know why, because it doesn't really go with anything I've got planned for the immediate future, but I did. And they had four pages in the front of the catalog for this line, so they're really pushing it.

So I went to order it on the website and - can you see this coming? - it was out of stock. Now on the one hand this is aggravating. Why do they bother to print up this beautiful catalog and then not order enough of the fabric? It may have been something out of their control, like the fabric was late arriving from the manufacturer, I don't know. But still. Practically everything I looked at was out of stock. I ordered $80 worth of half-yards of fabric, and about three of them were in stock. Most of it said it would be back in stock sometime in September or October. I decided it would be fun to have all this fabric arriving in bits and pieces for the next several months. I still think it's a funny way to do business, but they've got me hooked just the same. You've just got to be in no hurry to actually make the quilt!

Note: I would give you the Hancock's link, but I think everything is still out of stock there, it's just too frustrating. I'm sure you will be able to find this fabric around, though. (Hmm. Moda's website says this line doesn't come out until September, anyway. That could explain it. But in that case HoP's website and catalog ought to have made that clearer.)


Lisa D. said...

That fabric is really beautiful. The thing with HOP is that the catalog often shows future lines of fabric and the website says Out of Stock, but really, they just aren't available yet. You can preorder it. There were several fabrics that I put on my wish list from that catalog too!

Mel said...

That wouldn't bother me if they said "Available in September" in the catalog. But they don't.

Kim said...

It really is bad form for them to do this! Why not have a "fall preview" section or something like that? Sigh.