Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I was nosing around over at Quilt Channel and Planet Patchwork after Christopher from Quilt Channel commented just below, and I found a review for a fabric calculator. Now, if this is something you think is a great idea, I don't mean to make you feel bad. I think the fact that this is something I would never use says more about me than about anybody else! I know that a lot of people seem to figure the yardage for their quilts very exactly - but to figure the yardage you have to know exactly what you're going to do, and I rarely seem to know that going in. It's (partly) why I make scrap quilts - if I run out of fabric, I just use something else. But it's also because I don't think I would ever finish a quilt if I tried to do it that way; if I knew exactly what fabrics I was going to use, and exactly what the border was going to look like, I would just get bored and quit. If no two blocks are ever completely alike and you really have only a vague idea what your quilt is going to look like, it's a lot harder to get bored.

I guess you could call it the ADD approach to quilting.


Rob said...

Love it. I am into photography, and have a somewhat similar ADD approach to that. I shoot more or less blindly and much prefer primitive cameras to highly precise ones with lots of control. Guess quilting and photography are big enough to accommodate all types.

Rob Holland
Planet Patchwork

KarenD said...

You and me both, Mel. More fabrics is more interesting when the quilt's done, too. I had to depart from the pattern for the baby quilt I'm working on now because I just couldn't stand the thought of using only one background fabric, even for a small quilt.

Anonymous said...

Hmm perhaps that is my problem right now---too much planning!
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Anonymous said...

have to agree totally, I can't stand the thought of making a quilt with just "a few" fabrics" - I have a very short attention span and get terribly bored with a project when I'm making the same block over and over again. The thrill for me is discovering what it looks like in the end!

Anonymous said...

wow, this is really old, and I don't know if anyone will read it, but it caught my eye...what I tend to do is READ. READ. READ quilt books, and think, I want to do one of those, and then I wash my fat quarters, and cut strips, for when I do a color wash or something else, and by the time they are dry and cut, and I sew a few strips, i am worn out and ready to do something else. Talk about ADD!